Who is Fred?!


Fred Ayres is currently a junior at Wesleyan University doubling-majoring in neuroscience and economics on the pre-med track.

Why did he create this blog??

If you want to keep up with Fred’s current adventures, check out his personal blog.

When he’s not in the classroom, Fred can be found cuddled up with a good book, planning his next vlog, performing a complex exercise move that somehow targets every muscle in the human body, or determining whether veganism can solve every problem imaginable. (Spoiler alert: it can.)

Fred is the owner of several blogs, including the TL;DR series, which summarizes AP material for high school students, and New Nest, in which Fred charted the misadventures of his freshman year in college. You can visit all of them below.

You can find out more about Fred on his LinkedIn or YouTube page.

In addition, you can email him.

Fred’s other blogs:



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